The Calletta Senior Fund

At The Furry Friends Food Bank we love our senior pets. The goal of the Calletta Senior Fund is to help senior pets and senior citizens. Studies have shown that senior citizens thrive with the love and companionship of animals. So many seniors are on fixed incomes and unfortunately cannot pay for their own living expenses let alone a furry companion. And on the flip side, there are countless senior pets living out their senior years in shelters and rescues instead of in a loving home. This is where the Calletta Senior Program comes in.




  • One of the Calletta Senior Funds goals is to pair senior citizens with senior pets.
  • We work with rescues and shelters and pair senior pets looking for a loving animal companion with senior citizens on fixed incomes.The seniors receive free food and the senior animals get to live out their golden years with a loving companion.
  • We also help senior citizens keep and feed the animals they already have by providing them with deeply discounted and/or free pet food.

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