Welcome to the Furry Friends Food Bank

The Furry Friends Food bank is a program that is operated under the Furry Friends Foundation – a 501c3 charity. Our goal is to help shelters and rescues by supplying them, free of charge, pet food for the animals under their care.

“We are striving for the day when no animal goes hungry, and no person has to give up the animal they love because they cannot afford to feed them.”


Food Bank Drop off location

Furry Friends is proud to have All American Subaru be a permanent drop-off location for the Pet Food bank.

3706 Us Highway 9
Old Bridge, NJ 08857
Phone: (877) 959-9921

Donate Funds

All monetary donations to The Furry Friends Food Bank are tax deductible.

Donate Food

We are looking for the local community to donate pet food and products. We also accept office supplies and equipment:

List of Benefits

We are looking to partner with local businesses


Want to make a difference with animals? The Furry Friends Food Bank is looking for animal lovers to help our cause. 


The Furry Friends Food Bank is operated under The Furry Friends Foundation–a 501c3 animal welfare charity. All monetary donations and donations of pet food are tax deductible.

At The Furry Friends Food Bank we have a passion and deep love for animals. Small ones. Large ones. Ones in-between. Furry and not so furry. We understand and cherish the role that pets play in our lives. Sometimes the only constant in a person’s life is the love and bond they share with their pet. We get it. Because at The Furry Friends Food Bank, we are animal lovers too. They are our passion. Our love. And we know you feel the same way. And we also know that times are tough for humans and animals. No one should ever have to choose between feeding themselves or their pet. At The Furry Friends Food Bank our goal is to make sure no animal goes hungry. And no human has to give up their beloved pets because they cannot afford to keep them. We want to keep pets out of shelters and in their homes and we want to help the ones currently in rescues and shelters find forever homes.


The Furry Friends Food Bank exists to help animals and the people who love them through programs that aim end animal hunger, keep animals out of shelters and rescues, help feed the ones that are and help people down on their luck keep their furry friends. We work tirelessly to reduce shelter populations and keep families together by providing them with pet food. Protecting beloved family pets from the suffering, starvation, surrender, abandonment or worse, when a lack of food, but not a lack of love, is their only enemy.